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Switzerland Wins Eurovision 2024 Amid Political Controversy

Malm, Sweden: Switzerland emerged victorious at Eurovision 2024 in Malmo, Sweden, with Croatia securing the runner-up position. Despite its reputation as a celebration of European diversity, this year’s event took on political undertones, with some advocating for Israel’s exclusion due to its military actions in Gaza, spurred by an attack by Hamas on October 7 in Israel.


Nemo, a Swiss rapper and singer aged 24, clinched the top spot with “The Code,” a multi-genre track exploring Nemo’s journey of self-discovery as a non-binary individual. Croatia’s Baby Lasagna, real name Marko Purisic, aged 28, claimed second place with “Rim Tim Tagi Dim,” a song depicting a young man’s quest for a better life in the city.

Despite calls for a boycott, Israel’s contestant, Eden Golan, aged 20, landed in fifth place. Demonstrators voiced their discontent both during Golan’s performance and the presentation of points by the Israeli jury. Protests erupted in Malmo, with thousands waving Palestinian flags and chanting slogans criticizing the contest’s theme of unity.

Police intervened to disperse the protests, leading to some arrests and the expulsion of a Dutch artist from the competition earlier on Saturday. The final outcome was determined by a combination of viewer votes and professional juries from each participating country.

The winner of Eurovision receives the coveted glass trophy and the honor of hosting the following year’s competition.

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