First Karnataka-Delhi 'Kisan Rail' from September 19

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First Karnataka-Delhi 'Kisan Rail' from September 19

First Karnataka-Delhi 'Kisan Rail' from September 19

Sep 15, 2020 08:30:41 PM (IST)

First Karnataka-Delhi \'Kisan Rail\' from September 19-1Bengaluru: The first "Kisan Rail" from Karnataka, between Bengaluru and Delhi, will be run from September 19 to October 19, the South Western Railway said on Tuesday.

Kisan Rail are trains with multi commodities, multi- consignors and multi-consignees.

The service, to run via Mysuru, Hubbali and Pune, would make five trips, the SWR said in a release It will run between fixed OriginDestination pairs with en-route stoppages, and loading and unloading will be permitted at any of the en-route stoppage.

The train will have 10 VPH (High Capacity Parcel Vans), one brake luggage-cum-generator car and one second class Luggage-cum-brake van with disabled friendly compartment.

There will be 12 LHB coaches, the release said. The decision to operate the train was in line with Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's announcement in the 2020-21 budget to build a seamless national cold supply chain for perishables, inclusive of milk, meat and fish, SWR said.

Courtesy: PTI