First phase of Smart CIty to be completed by 2021

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First phase of Smart CIty to be completed by 2021

First phase of Smart CIty to be completed by 2021

SC MM   ¦    Nov 21, 2020 01:18:16 PM (IST)

First phase of Smart CIty to be completed by 2021-1
Bengaluru: Urban Development Minister, Byrathi Basavaraj promised that the first phase of the Smart City project will be completed by January 2021.

The Minister visited the project sites on Friday to assess the projects' progress.

He told the reporters that the first phase of the seven projects is being implemented at an estimated cost of 271 crores. He added that the first phase of these projects is expected to be completed by March 2021. Six additional projects will be considered for implementation in the second phase. Installation of curbstones on sidewalks, completion of the Jawaharlal Nehru-Taralaya Road and Rajabhavan Road, sealing of concrete chambers are part of the first phase and installation of street lights at adequate places. The minister has also strictly instructed the contractors to remove the debris piling-up along the sidewalks.

Work on Race Course Road is expected to finish within 15 days. The work on Rajbhavan and adjoining Planetarium road was delayed due to lack of coordination between BESCOM and the Bengaluru Water Board. "I have suggested that these roads should be opened before the General Assembly session in January," he said. Infantry road has been dug up on both sides and road work on Commercial Street has been hastened due to the protests by the officers of teh trade union.

The minister also inspected the works of Ulsoor Road, St. John's Road, Church Road, Millers Road, Cantonment Road, McGrath Road and Rajaram Mohan Roy Road. ‘There is no compromise on the quality of Smart City work. Three teams are currently working to complete the work on Lavelle Road quickly. The chief engineer informed that the roadside pile of trash would be cleared by tractor at night.

Commenting on teh poor progress on Dickinson road, the minister said that a criminal case should be filed against such contractors and that he has ordered to cancel the contractor's lease,