HDK's 'mini mini powder' statement becomes muse for meme-makers!

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HDK's 'mini mini powder' statement becomes muse for meme-makers!

HDK's 'mini mini powder' statement becomes muse for meme-makers!

Sc BH   ¦    Jan 24, 2020 07:20:14 PM (IST)

HDK\'s \'mini mini powder\' statement becomes muse for meme-makers!-1Bengaluru: Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has been the 'favourite' of meme -makers because of the statements he has been making. Based on these statements, they have been churning out series of memes.

After 'Nikhil Yelliddiyappa' that created a record, now HDK's 'mini mini powder' has become source of inspiration for many memes.

Speaking about the episode of Adithya Rao, an engineer and MBA graduate planting bomb in Mangaluru International Airport on Monday, HDK had said that it was not a bomb that the accused had place, while it was only a powder used in crackers.

"It was not a bomb. It was in fact a 'mini mini' powder used in 'pataki' (crackers)," HDK said (His Kannada statement has been translated here)

Without wasting any time, the meme-makers have started churning out interesting memes targeting HDK.

While some presented quiz around 'mini mini powder', many posted picture of beauty talc called 'Mini Mini powder'.

It is said that though the word 'mini-mini' is not new to Kannada vocabulary, after HDK used it, the word has become popular all of a sudden.

Though not found in Kannada dictionary, many use this word to express that something is very 'glittery' or 'sparkling'. It also mean silver foil used to embellish sweets!
However, the powder used in fire works, that causes minor star burst like explosion is also called 'mini mini powder'.

After 'Nikhil Yelliddiyappa', HDK and his son Nikhil both had accepted the popularity, with a smile. However, one may have to wait and watch how HDK will respond this time.

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