II PUC supplementary exams in August

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II PUC supplementary exams in August

II PUC supplementary exams in August

Bhavana S   ¦    Jul 21, 2021 05:51:33 PM (IST)

II PUC supplementary exams in August-1

Bengaluru: If any student is not satisfied with his or her II PUC results, they can appear for a supplementary examination in August. 

This decision was announced by the primary and secondary education minister S Suresh Kumar.

The date of the examination is yet to be revealed. With most of the II PUC students are above 18 years and they are eligible to take the Covid 19 vaccine, the government is confident that there will not be any problems to conduct the examination.

According to the authorities now the II PUC marks are allotted based on the SSLC and I PUC marks of the students.  "The students need to approach their college principals on submitting applications for supplementary examination," explained PU board officials. 

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