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Star Air Halts Belagavi-Jodhpur Route, Raising Concerns Over Connectivity

Star Air Halts Belagavi Jodhpur Route, Raising Concerns Over Connectivity

In a significant blow to Belagavi’s connectivity, Star Air has discontinued another crucial route. Following the abrupt cancellations of the Belagavi-Surat and Belagavi-Kishangarh flights, the airline has now ceased bookings for the Belagavi-Jodhpur route, effective July 19th.

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This decision is particularly impactful as the Belagavi-Jodhpur direct flight, launched in 2021 under the Centre’s UDAN scheme, had been a vital link. The route benefited from UDAN subsidies until March 2024. Despite operating without these benefits and maintaining a 100% passenger load, Star Air has terminated bookings for this essential connection.

The cessation of the Belagavi-Jodhpur flight follows closely on the heels of the discontinuation of the Belagavi-Surat and Belagavi-Kishangarh routes, severing critical links for residents. Travelers now face a grueling 1450 km journey, taking approximately 25 hours by road, in the absence of these direct flights.


Currently, Belagavi Airport’s direct flights include:

  • Ahmedabad (Star Air)
  • Jodhpur (Star Air, until July 19th)
  • Mumbai (Star Air)
  • Tirupati (Star Air)
  • Nagpur (Star Air)
  • Jaipur (Star Air)
  • Bengaluru (Indigo)
  • Hyderabad (Indigo)
  • New Delhi (Indigo)
  • Bhuj (via Ahmedabad, Star Air)

With Star Air’s recent track record of sudden route cancellations, the pressing question remains: Which Belagavi route will face the axe next?

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