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8 Things to Consider Before Introducing your Business on Instagram

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Today when every business is on Instagram you may want to go ahead and grab the chance of promoting your brand on the best social media page. Introducing your business on Instagram is an exciting step in any business but there are few things that you need to consider before introducing your business on Instagram. These tricks and tips will help you to gain Instagram followers and increase engagement on Instagram with your first post. How will you maximize the number of followers and get the engagement you desire? These tricks and tips can help you with that.

You have a great idea about how you can enhance your online business but you are stuck with what you should post first?

Introducing your business can be complicated but today in this blog, we will break down everything you should know.

First nine images? – There are a lot of people who advise businesses to post nine posts before introducing their business or maybe before telling anyone about their account. Why? Because, according to them, when someone visits your account and if you have a minimum of nine images the visitor will feel that they are visiting a professional account.

But the nine posts seem a lot which is why you should at least have a content of a week so that you do not feel like you are wasting your content and when the visitor will see that the posts have no likes they might not understand it which is why – you need to plan your first few contents, meaning behind them, tell a story through your post which can represent you. Content is very important which is why don’t throw all the posts at once. Strategize it and then post it – this will help you to increase engagement on Instagram or gain Instagram followers.

How should you introduce your business page? – There are three types of accounts on Instagram. Personal account, Creator account, Business account. The creators’ accounts are for the artists and freelancers or influencers and you need to build a business page if you want to build a brand on an online marketplace. Business accounts give you key features like analytics with which you can keep track of the business growth. Whereas people believe that posting your photograph on your Instagram business page will help you a lot.

A friendly post can help you in keeping you close with your audience and helps you in increasing the engagement on Instagram and also you can gain Instagram followers with the trust you will build.

Crafting your introductory post – When you complete your Instagram profile and now you are ready to introduce your business on Instagram but you are confused about what you should post first? The first post should give your Instagram followers some background about who you are and what your business is all about and how your business can resolve their issue? Be it a video or a photo, ensure that it is high-quality content that represents your brand. You can post your photo and tell people about who you are and what your brand is – talk about the future of your brand. These can be helpful when you are crafting your introductory post. Remember, your first post can help you to gain Instagram followers and can help you in increasing your engagement on Instagram by finding the best-trusted sites to buy Instagram followers.

Write the best post copies – The post copy also known as Instagram captions is equally important as your picture or video. Your caption should not only talk about business but also should include a call-to-action for your visitors. CTA not only helps you to gain Instagram followers and increase engagement on Instagram but also, drives traffic to your website. This is why writing the best post copies with call-to-action are important.

Interacting with followers – Before you introduce your business to social media you must interact with the people who might follow your account and in case, if you have no followers, spend thirty minutes on Instagram so that you can talk to the potential followers before you post your introductory post. If you want to gain Instagram followers on your first post and increase engagement on Instagram, You can find the potential followers by checking the followers of your competition and interacting with them. People who follow your competition can be interested in your business as well which is why they can care about your services and products.

Replying to comments – Interacting with your followers not only stops with your post. Make it consistent with their messages and talk to them in the comments. Replying to comments can help you in building a relationship with your followers.

Beta Testing – When you establish a new company it is important to get inputs on your concept or plans. For the feedback test on Instagram, you need the Instagram community which involves the members like influencers. You can build a beta testing phase community that has a similar Instagram style that fits your website/brand/app and they can help you with their inputs. This kind of community can also help you in future to gain Instagram followers and increase engagement on Instagram.

Use your brand hashtags – The reason why you are joining Instagram is to spread the word about your brand and a great way to make people talk or just to keep a track of how much people are talking about your brand is to check the hashtags. Introducing an official hashtag of your brand can not only help you in making your business look more professional but also when someone posts about your brand with hashtags you can gain Instagram followers and increase Instagram engagement on your account. Hashtags are the best way to build a community and official hashtags can help you in building that community you desire.


If you want to improve your business online – social media is the best way and Instagram is the platform which you should use. This article will help you in understanding what you should do before starting your brand on this competitive platform. While Instagram can certainly be spammy there are a lot of users who generally log on to Instagram to see the content every day. Great content and a great profile can help you in building the brand on Instagram which is why if you are thinking to start the business on Social media today, do it and get the right audience for your brand.

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