Students of Kreative Minds think beyond creativity

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Students of Kreative Minds think beyond creativity

Students of Kreative Minds think beyond creativity

Media Release   ¦    May 13, 2020 03:21:11 PM (IST)


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Bengaluru: In this Nationwide lockdown, children just can't stay far away from using creativity while making mask for themselves. The young, talented learners of Kreative Minds have done something unique during this time of Virus Fighting.

The learners of Kreative Minds, made Masks for their safety by using basic stuff like, Cotton Cloth, Handkerchief, Tissue Paper, Fabric cloth, etc. These masks were all made by the students of age ranging between 5 years to 10 years.

The idea and the creativity of the mask is absolutely their brainchild. While they were on the innovative and creative idea of making this beautiful and cute looking masks, they did not refer to any YouTube or internet to get ideas. Well that is the beauty of a Young and Talented Mind of today’s generation.

3 learners have even made a video on “How to make mask” with things available at home. 1. Aaryav Vidyarthi – Age 7 years 2. Utkarsh – Age 8 years 3. Devina Mitra – Age 10 years.

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Kreative Minds would like to help the society by showing them the way to make mask and be safe. As we all know, “Mask is the New Normal” way of life. From this young talents ,we really want to show and learn the importance of mask in our daily routine life.

Its not an option but a necessary thing of our life. Its not just a mask-making but spreading social message through these young talents of our society.

About Kreative Minds school for Art and Culture
Kreative Minds as founded in the year 2016 in Sarjapur Area of Bangalore. This is the place where the buds bloom and take the musical and colourful shape for their future.We are affiliated to one of the most prestigious Universities of India in Art and Culture, PRACHEEN KALA KENDRA, Chandigarh (University of Art and Culture)

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