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Child in Kasargod Kidnapped for a Pair of Earrings

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In Kanhangad (Kasaragod), a man abducted a ten-year-old girl and left her alone after robbing her of her gold earrings.


The child was napping at her Padanakkad residence when the event happened on Wednesday at around three in the morning. While her uncle walked outside to milk the cow, the toddler was kidnapped. 500 meters from her home, the man left the child alone after snatching the gold earrings. After that, the youngster went up to a neighboring home and reported being abducted. The child was later brought back to her home by escort. She was later brought to the district hospital with injuries to her neck and eyes. District Police Chief P B Joy arrived at the scene and started an investigation when the incidence came to light. We’ve been advised that the hunt for the offender is still going on.