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Funeral of Renukaswamy Held Amidst Grief and Anger


Chitradurga: The funeral of Renukaswamy, who was murdered in Bangalore, took place on Tuesday at the Hindu Rudrabhoomi near Dwaraka Barangay on Jogimatti Road. The last rites were conducted according to Virasaiva Lingayat customs.

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Renukaswamy’s family—his mother, father, and sister—were visibly distraught during the ceremony. The family expressed their anger towards actor Darshan, who has been arrested on charges of murder.

Speaking to the media, Renukaswamy’s wife, Sahana, expressed her sorrow and demanded justice for her family. “Justice for the injustice done to my family. I am a housewife, this should not have happened. It has only been one year since I got married. I am becoming a mother. What can I do in such a situation? He called us earlier and talked to us. That’s the end. He was a Darshan fan. It was not. People are there to give justice to the accused. But how will I live next? Who will come to us in tears?” she lamented.

Renukaswamy’s father, Shivanagowda, and mother, Ratnaprabha, also demanded severe punishment for the accused. “Those who killed my son should be severely punished. They should suffer like my son. Renukaswamy’s wife was waiting for her husband to come. It is a sin. They have also ruined my daughter-in-law’s life. Those accused should be punished. A proper investigation should be conducted. What kind of respect do murderers have in this country? Those who have no humanity are big men, stars,” Shivanagowda said, expressing his anger.


Protest by Different Organizations

Various organizations in Chitradurga have organized a protest march on Wednesday to condemn Renukaswamy’s murder. The rally will begin at Neelkantheshwara Temple and proceed to the DC office. Veerashaiva Samaj, Veerashaiva Lingayat Mahasabha, and Jangam Samaj are among the groups participating. Veerashaiva Samaj taluk president Kalleshaiah announced that all social organizations of Chitradurga would join the protest, demanding a transparent investigation and severe punishment for the accused.

The protesters plan to submit a petition to the Chitradurga District Collector to ensure justice for Renukaswamy and his family.

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