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CBSE Unveils Updated Secondary Curriculum for 2024-25 Academic Year


Students must adhere to the rules established by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) if they plan to enroll in Class 9 during the 2024–2025 academic year. The CBSE Secondary School Curriculum 2024–25 mandates that students select two language subjects and one of the following: science, math, or social science.In addition, students can choose between an elective or skill-based subject and a third language. The secondary school curriculum also includes three required subjects: work experience, art education, and health and physical education.


The official notification by CBSE notes that class 9 and 10 is a composite course and therefore students must take only those subjects in class 9 which they intend to continue in Class-10.

“The Board examination in Mathematics is held at two levels in Class 10.  Students who are opting Mathematics – Basic will have the option of taking Applied Mathematics (241) as an elective at class 11/Sr Secondary though they may not be permitted to take Mathematics (041) at Sr Secondary level. However, a student who has opted Mathematics – standard can offer any one of the two available Mathematics at Sr Secondary level.”

In the event that a student passes the sixth optional subject, the Skill subject, instead of any one of the three required subjects (Science, Mathematics, and Social Science), will be substituted, and the results of the class 10 board exam will be determined accordingly.

In the event that a student fails any of the first five language subjects, the language will be substituted as either the sixth (if no skills subjects are available) or the seventh (optional) subject. This will be relevant if the student passes this language and either Hindi or English is still considered a passed language in the first five subjects after replacement.

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