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SAPUC Holds Orientation for Students Staying Away from Home

Sapuc Holds Orientation(3 Of 003)june 24, 2024

Mangaluru: “You can have more than one home. You can carry your roots with you, and decide where they grow.”- Henning Mankell

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St Aloysius Pre-University College organised orientation programmes for both I and II year students staying away from home in hostels, as paying guests or with relatives with the aim of providing a comprehensive overview of hostel facilities, community regulations, and available support services, thus ensuring that students were well-informed and equipped for living away from the comfort of their homes.

Dr Vidya Vinutha D’Souza, Assistant Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, in her address as the guest speaker, emphasized the importance of fostering respect among residents and maintaining a conducive living environment.

Dr D’Souza shared insights on optimizing the college experience through balanced commitments, effective communication with roommates, and active exploration of campus resources and extracurricular opportunities.

She explained how homesickness is a common experience and that students need to face the challenge with confidence.


She highlighted the significance of prioritizing emotional well-being through practices such as reflection, mindfulness, and regular exercise.

Students were encouraged to seek support from friends, family, or campus resources during challenging times.

Student Counsellors Vishanth Anton Menezes welcomed the gathering, and Sr Valsa C A proposed the Vote of Thanks.

The orientation programme facilitated a smooth transition for students into their hostel life and set the foundation for a positive and fulfilling college experience.

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