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“‘Antardwand’ Addresses Inner Conflicts in Intriguing Way,”: Tannaz Irani

Antardwand Tannaz Irani
  • The actor stars in the Zee Theatre teleplay which has been translated in Kannada and Telugu

Starting with an endearing cameo in ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’ (2000), Tannaz Irani appeared in many hit films and has also carved a niche on television as well as in theatre. The actor stars in the Zee Theatre teleplay ‘Antardwand’ which has now been translated into Kannada and Telugu for audiences in Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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Tannaz relished playing a pivotal part in ‘Antardwand’ which follows a convicted murderer and certifiably insane man Sada’s story. Many surprises unfold when he appears suddenly at Dr. Sridhar’s psychiatric clinic. As the doctor and patient confront each other, the definitions of sanity as well as insanity begin to change.

Talking about the teleplay format, the actor says, “I think what really excited me to be a part of ‘Antardwand’ was the idea that it will be caught on camera. The canvas was the same as we use in theatre and the cast was very interesting. As a theatre person, one always wishes to do something related to the stage.”

According to her, regardless of the format, the craft of acting is the most important element and adds, “On stage, while interacting with people, a very personal vibration is created within the auditorium. In cinema, the craft is different. Here, you have to be in control of your expressions as the screen is bigger and amplifies everything. In television, you need to play the character for a longer duration. This journey be it in theatre, on stage or in films has been completely fulfilling and has made me evolve as an actor.”


About co-stars Pankaj Berry and Aditi Govtrikar, she says, “Chemistry with your co-stars is very important. Once you’re comfortable with your co-star, only then can you take the performance to the next level. When you’re acting on stage, it can never be a solo run. I have known Aditi as a friend and Pankaj is a fantastic performer. So, obviously working with great actors is always a win-win situation. I enjoyed the process.”

Directed for stage and filmed by Pratima Kulkarni, the teleplay stars Tannaz with Pankaj Berry, Gopal Singh, Aditi Govitrikar, Adnan Khan and Namya Saxena.

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