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False Rumor of Prajwal Devaraj’s Death Spreads on Social Media

Fake Death News Of Prajwal Devaraj

Bengaluru: Social media has once again become a breeding ground for misinformation, with a fake photo claiming the death of Kannada actor Prajwal Devaraj gone viral. The photo, apparently from the movie ‘Veeram’, was circulated with the caption “Prajwal Devaraj is no more”.


This incident highlights the dangers of believing everything seen online, especially on social media platforms like WhatsApp, where forwarded messages often lack verification. The false news caused distress among many fans of the actor, who were understandably shocked upon seeing the fabricated post.

The truth came out quickly, and within minutes of the photo going viral, it was clarified that Prajwal Devaraj is safe and healthy. Sources close to the actor confirmed that the photo was an attempt to spread misinformation, and reports suggest that the actor’s family is considering filing a police complaint seeking action against those responsible for spreading fake information. 


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