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Katrina Kaif & Vicky Kaushal’s London Stroll Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

Katrina Kaif

Actors Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal have been enjoying a quiet retreat in London for a few months now amidst swirling rumors of an impending addition to their family. Despite keeping a low profile in the English capital, a fan recently managed to spot them and clandestinely capture a video, much to Katrina’s apparent displeasure.


The viral footage depicts Katrina and Vicky strolling hand in hand along a London street. However, their serene moment is interrupted when Katrina notices the covert filming and promptly signals to Vicky to halt and retreat.

Katrina and Vicky spotted in London
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The incident has stirred a wave of condemnation among online communities, with many criticizing the invasion of the couple’s privacy. “It’s unacceptable to film others without consent,” remarked one user, while another denounced the behavior as “creepy” and wished for karmic retribution upon the perpetrator.

Observant viewers noted Katrina’s evident discomfort with the situation, interpreting her reaction as frustration towards the camera wielder.


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In a separate incident, a recent video from London showed Vicky tenderly embracing Katrina as they strolled along a sidewalk, with speculations arising from Katrina’s attire suggesting a possible pregnancy.

Amidst the speculation, certain media outlets have purported that Katrina is indeed expecting, with plans to welcome her child in London to evade media scrutiny.

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