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Shocking: US Woman Found Napping in Plane’s Overhead Bin

On social media, a video of a woman dozing off in an airplane’s overhead bin—where bags are kept—went extremely viral. The New York Post reports that the incident happened on a Southwest Airlines flight. When the video was first uploaded to TikTok, it received over five million views. Later, the video could be seen on additional social media sites. The outlet claims that while some of the other passengers were perplexed, those who took the video could be heard laughing uncontrollably at the strange spectacle.

In the luggage storage area, the woman is seen lying down in a comfortable position, almost like she is in bed.

It is not clear if the woman was a member of the crew, or a passenger but her behaviour has raised suspicions online. People also wondered how she managed to climb into the storage space.

“How did she get up there? And she’s just chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool,” one TikTok user wondered, as reported by the Post.