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Understanding Cashback at Parimatch: How It Works and Its Benefits

Parimatch Cashback

How cashback operates on the Parimatch site

Among the most popular cashback systems in online casinos is the one from Parimatch. That is why Parimatch is one of the leaders in the segment of online casinos in India and presents a profitable cashback program to its players. In this article, we will look at how the Parimatch website, cashback, its advantages, and under what conditions it can be received work.


What is the cashback amount in online casinos?

Cashback at online casinos is the return of some of the player’s lost money over a certain period of time. Cashback is often credited as a percentage of the lost amount and credited to a player’s bonus account. The cashback received can be played further or taken out to a real account after some conditions.

Cashback is a good solution for online casino players who want to decrease their risks and cut their losses. It just provides the opportunity for the players to extend their gaming session and make up for money they may have lost.

How does cashback work in Parimatch online?

Cashback is credited to the Parimatch India website account automatically every week on a certain day. The player does not have to take additional actions or enter promotional codes for this; everything is done automatically.

The online cashback in Parimatch depends on the player’s status in the loyalty program. The cashback percentage can reach a maximum of 15% and does not go below 5%.

The cashback percentage is calculated on the net loss for the week. Net loss is simply the amount of bets made minus the amount of winning bets for a given period of play. If a player has made a profit at the end of the week, he does not get a cashback.

Example of Cashback Calculation 

This is illustrated with a simple example: Cashback is counted in online Parimatch. A player with Silver status, where a cashback percentage is 7%, stakes 10,000 rupees in a week. This week, he gained 8,000 rupees.

Net loss would be 10,000 − 8,000 = 2,000 rupees. Cashback amount: 2,000 * 7% = 140 ru. So, 140 rupees are credited to the player’s bonus account, which he may utilize further for playing.

Conditions for receiving and using cashback

To get cashback at online Parimatch, a player only needs to fulfill a few simple conditions:

  • It would help if you were a registered and verified Parimatch online casino user.
  • Make real stakes on slot machines, table and card games, and live casinos.
  • End with a net loss for the week (the bet amount must be more than the winnings).

Cashback received in a bonus account becomes available for play as soon as it is credited. However, to transfer cashback into a real account, the player must win it according to specific wagers. In Parimatch, this should be equal to x3. Therefore, if a player receives a cashback for Rs 1,000, he must make bets of Rs 3,000 for the cashback to be ready for withdrawal.

Advantages of Cashback at Parimatch Casino 

Cashback on online Parimatch casino offers several undeniable advantages for gamblers:

  • Automatic accrual – The player does not need to request cashback or do anything additional.
  • Weekly frequency – Cashback is given every week, thus allowing players to receive additional funds for gaming regularly.
  • Dependency on player status: the higher the player’s status in the loyalty program, the greater the percentage of cashback paid out.
  • Low wager – Winning your money back at Parimatch is easy, thanks to a low x3 wager.
  • Possibility of withdrawal – Cashback won after wagering could be withdrawn to a real account and used at one’s discretion.

Cashback at an online casino is an opportunity for a player to profit from a loss and, therefore, extend the pleasure of the game. Automatic accrual, weekly frequency, dependence on the player’s status, and low wager are the parameters that make the cashback offer at Parimatch one of the best in the Indian online gambling market.

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