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High Weightage Chapters: CBSE Class 10 science

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Science is an important subject in a student’s life. The understanding of this subject determines whether you want to choose Science, Commerce or Arts stream, in your class 11.

CBSE Class 10 Science is mainly classified into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. However, the NCERT Textbook offers all the chapters combined in a single book.

Students are often worried about the weightage of the chapters so that they can work on the topics that are more likely to appear in the CBSE Board Examination. Most of the students start their preparation a little later than expected. However, every student must know the blueprint of the syllabus, the difficulty level of the questions, the question paper pattern, and the important topics to focus on.

The CBSE Board Exam for Science carries 100 marks. 80 marks will be for theory assessment and the rest 20 marks are allotted for internal assessment. There will be a total of 36 questions with different levels and types of questions. There will be four sections in the exam namely A, B, C, & D. The students need to complete the entire paper in 3 hours.

  • Section A – In this section, 20 multiple-choice type questions are asked. Each question carries one mark. This section has 5 sub-parts with 4 questions each.
  • Section B – In this section, 6 short-answer questions are asked. Each question carries two marks.
  • Section C – In this section, 7 short-answer questions are asked. Each question carries three marks.
  • Section D -In this section, 3 long-answer questions are asked. Each question carries 5 marks.

From Section B onwards, students have to choose between some questions.

Below mentioned is the unit-wise weightage of the marks according to the CBSE Board.

Unit No.

Unit Name Weightage of the marks
1 Chemical Substances – Nature and Behavior 25
2 World of Living 23
3 Natural Phenomena 12
4 Effects of Current 13
5 Natural Resources 7
  Total Marks 80

Each of these units has different chapters. Hence, the total weightage of each unit gets distributed among its constituent chapters.

Below mentioned are the chapters from the Chemistry section. 

Name of the chapter Total marks Important topics
Chemical Reaction and Equation 05-Jul Different types of reactions
Balancing the given equations
Reactivity series of the metals
Definition of the terms
Acids, Bases and Salts 05-Jul Neutralization reaction
The reaction of acids and bases with different metals and metal oxides
The reaction of non-metallic oxides with bases and reaction of metal carbonate with acids
Carbon and its Compounds 06-Aug  Reactions of ethanol and ethanoic acid
Properties of ethanol and ethanoic acid
Applications of carbon and its compounds
IUPAC Nomenclature

The above-mentioned chapters have the highest weightage of marks in the chemistry section. Do not forget to revise the important topics mentioned by your teachers. Solve previous year question papers to pick the equations of balancing the equations or reactions and try to find the IUPAC Nomenclature of the elements or compounds.

Below mentioned are the important chapters from the Physics section.

Name of the chapter Total marks Important topics
Electricity 7 Ohm’s law and its applications
The symbols used to denote the elements in the circuit
Combination of resistors-Series and Parallel
Problems on the combination of resistors
Heating effects
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current 6 Different types of Magnetic field lines
Magnetic field lines around the circular loop and straight long wire
Right-hand thumb rule
Flemings left-hand and right-hand rules
Electromagnetic induction
Motors, generators and electric dynamo
Light, Reflection and Refraction 7 Formulae related to mirror, lens and refractive index
Laws of reflection and refraction
Glass slab
Problems on the formulae mentioned above

The above-mentioned chapters have the highest weightage of marks in the Physics section. Solve as many problems using the formulae to get a handle on the subject. Do not forget to check the previous year question papers for the difficulty level of the problems. Contact your teachers if you have doubts about solving the problems.

Below mentioned are the important chapters from the Biology section.

Name of the chapter Total marks Important topics
Life Processes 08-Sep Nutrition in Plants and Humans
Transportation in plant
Exchange of gases
Control and Coordination 05-Jul The nervous system in animals
Structure and function of a neuron
Coordination in plants and animals
Types of glands, name of the secretions and their functions
How do Organisms Reproduce? 05-Jul Importance of asexual and sexual production in the evolution
Types of asexual reproduction and their examples
Reproduction in plants and humans
The reproductive system of male and female
Contraceptive Methods
Heredity and Evolution 05-Jul Law of independence, dominance and independent assortment
Mendel’s dihybrid and monohybrid cross
Human evolution
Sex Determination
Blood groups
Homologous and analogous organ

The above-mentioned chapters have the highest weightage of marks in the biology section. Do not forget to learn the diagrams. Go through previous year’s question papers for more important questions.

In the NCERT Textbooks, all the diagrams are important from all the three sections of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Try to get the NCERT solutions for class 10 science and be thorough with the NCERT textbook. This book is enough to score high in your 10th standard science exam.

Few tips to follow to get more marks in your CBSE Board exams are:

  • Avoid distractions and avoid all social media networking sites.
  • Focus on time management while solving the problems.
  • Solve previous year question papers.
  • Write adequate answers to secure full marks.
  • Do not skip meals or sleep.
  • Stay healthy and do not survive on junk food.
  • Do not stress yourself and let go of small failures. Do not get upset or demotivate yourself with the periodic tests.

If you are going to choose Science as the stream for classes 11 and 12, the concepts taught in 10th standard Science are important to study and learn. Attempt the sample papers uploaded by the CBSE Board on their official websites and mock tests.

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