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How to Calculate the Area of Square?

The area of a square is determined as the number of square units required to fill a square. In usual, the area is characterized as the region occupied inside the side of a flat object or two-dimensional shape. The measurement is done in square units, with the conventional unit being square meters, also expressed as m2.

What is Area?
In geometry, the area can be determined as the space owned by a flat shape or the surface of an object. The area of a shape is the number of unit squares that cover the surface of an enclosed figure. The area is measured in square units such as square centimeters, square feet, square inches, and much more.

What is a Square?
A square is a closed, two-dimensional shape including 4 similar equal sides. A square is quadrilateral in nature.

Diagonal of square
The diagonal of a square is a line segment that connects the two opposing vertices of any given square. As we have only four vertices of a square invariably, thus we can have two diagonals within any given square. Diagonals of the square are, without exception, greater than its two sides.

Properties of a Square:
The most significant properties of a square are stated below:

  • A square is a shape that has 4 sides and 4 vertices. 
  • All the sides of a square are equivalent in length. 
  • All interior angles are congruent and right angles. 
  • The sum of all the interior angles is 360° exact. 
  • All four interior angles are equal to angle 90. 
  • All four sides of the square are congruent and equal to each other. 
  • The opposing sides of the square are parallel to each other. 
  • The diagonals of the square halve each other at 90° 
  • The two diagonals of the square are equivalent to each other 
  •  The diagonal of the square divide it into two alike isosceles triangles 
  • The length of the diagonals is bigger than the sides of the square

Fun Facts of square

  • Square shape characteristics of sides, vertices, angles, and the sum of angles. 
  • A square is also a kind of polygon. 

What is the Area of Square?
The area is the space covered by any particular shape. It is the area occupied by any particular shape. While estimating the area of a square, we reflect only the length of its side. All the sides of a square are equal and therefore, its area is equal to the square of the side.

Likewise, we can find the area of the additional shapes such as rectangle, parallelogram, triangle, or any polygon, based on its sides. The area of the surface is measured based on the radius or the length of its outer line from the axis for curved surface objects.

Area of a Square Formula
Before getting to the standard area of the square formula used for calculating the region occupied by it, the area of the square is the realm covered by it in a two-dimensional plane. The area here is equivalent to the square of the sides or side squared. It is measured in a standard square unit. The formula for the area of the square is given below:

Area = side2 per square unit
If ‘a’ is the given length of the side of the square, then,
Area = a2 sq.unit

Square is a very fundamental and important topic in mathematics. Studying different shapes like Square helps in understanding the advanced topics of geometry as well. The area of the square, although it is a very easy concept, can sometimes confuse children. The pointers we discussed earlier explains the importance of mastering the concepts of the area.

The concept of the area is very diverse and comprehensive. The area of the square can be easily understood with the help of Cuemath online worksheets and workbooks available online. Cuemath is an online learning platform, and worksheets by Cuemath are easily available, accessible, flexible, and easy to use.

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