Jnana: A talent to be reckoned with

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Jnana: A talent to be reckoned with

Jnana: A talent to be reckoned with

SC PV Kamat   ¦    Jul 21, 2021 06:33:42 PM (IST)

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Jnana Gururaj, a five year-old girl suddenly burst into the limelight when she secured a place in 'India Book of Record' for singing more than 20 songs with background music at the young age of two years and six months.

Today Jnana, a native of Puttur and currently living in Bengaluru as a five-year-old has won more than 112 medals and trophies in various competitions. She is the daughter of Gururaj and Rekha, a native of the Kombaru village of Puttur taluk. Rekha is a music teacher by profession and told News Karnataka that baby Jnana has a huge interest in music.

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"I work as a music teacher in Morarji Residential School, Ramanagar. I usually took my daughter Jnana with me to the classes. Listening to the music she started singing those songs that I taught to the students at a very young age. After recognising her singing talent, I started to train her. I used to play the same song for at least four to five days and make her listen to it. After that, she used to sing perfectly along with background music. At the age of two years and six months, she sang more than 20 songs and in recognition of the same, she has been awarded a place in the India Book of Records," she said.

"Jnana was invited to the renowned show Maja Talkies to sing when she was nearly two years and nine months old. At the age of three, she sang in the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa singing reality show aired in Zee Kannada," she made a proud revelation. 

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"Jnana's YouTube videos of singing Koragajja Tulu devotional song and Esha Mahalingesha went viral. Now she will lend her voice for a music album too. Further, she has taken up to acting, all set to share the screen with actor Komal. We are really happy of her achievements and being parents we will always support her and motivate her in the field of her interest in every possible way, she added.

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