Dealing with monsoon skincare woes

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Dealing with monsoon skincare woes

Dealing with monsoon skincare woes

IANS   ¦    Jul 11, 2021 05:13:12 PM (IST)

Dealing with monsoon skincare woes-1New Delhi: While the rainy season may bring long spells of rains, it also brings along high humidity levels that can be a nightmare for skin health. Basic cleansing toning and moisturizing are sometimes not enough specially in this weather as humidity also engulfs and dullness adds to our woes.

Dr Soham Bhattacharyya MBBS, MD, DFM, IAT, and Consultant Dermatologist at Kaya Clinic, Salt Lake, Kolkata, has some skincare suggestions to be followed for healthy and glowing skin:

Regular skincare is very important especially during the monsoon, in humid weather.

Start the CTM routine, you may use cleansers and face washes that are soap-free, contain ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Follow it up with alcohol-free toners. For the monsoons, one can use a moisturizer containing jojoba oil.

Never forget your sunscreen with SPF ranging from 15 to 50 as per your skin type. Sunscreen is always to be applied 20 minutes before outdoor or light exposure.

At night after cleansing and toning for this season always apply a serum with Vit C formula followed by a light night cream.

Always pay special attention to the under-eye area and keep it hydrated and nourished at night with brightening and firming eye serum which contains active soy and rice peptides.

As most of us tend to sweat a little more during this season, try to keep our skin and body hydrated. Consume foods rich in antioxidants, salads, fruits, vegetable juices. Maintain a healthy workout regime. Wear comfortable clothing preferably cotton or linen.

Debabani Guha, National Trainer at L'Occitane India suggests:

Exfoliation is the key! � Exfoliate at least twice a week followed up with a Gel-based mask. My preference is always to use the scrub and masks at night as then the skin is resting and the effect is fabulous in the morning after that!

Also not to forget to use the skincare regimen twice a day.

Use a natural face oil that nourishes the skin cells and helps the cells to be plump for a softer glowing look

By Puja Gupta


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