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Tuesday, April 16 2024
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Nutritionist Advises on Improving Digestion: 3 Post-Meal Mistakes to Avoid

Improving Digestion
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Are you familiar with experiencing acidity or digestive discomfort immediately after meals? There could be various factors contributing to this discomfort. Even if you’re maintaining a diet of clean and healthy foods, certain post-meal habits might be causing digestive issues. Recently, Nutritionist Deepsikha Jain highlighted three common mistakes in a video on Instagram that could be negatively impacting your digestive health. “Overlooking these small practices after a meal can compromise your well-being and weaken digestion,” she emphasized. Let’s delve into these mistakes:

Common Post-Meal Errors That Might Affect Digestion:

1.Lying Down After Eating Food :
One frequent mistake Deepsikha Jain points out is lying down immediately after meals. Many individuals adopt this habit post-lunch or dinner, unaware that it can lead to acidity issues. The nutritionist clarifies, “Avoid lying down as food is still in the stomach, potentially causing acid reflux, acidity, and burping as it moves through the esophageal tract.”

2.Taking A Bath After Eating :
Another common practice is taking a bath right after eating, particularly on weekends when people may shower post-lunch. However, this habit can disrupt digestion. According to Jain, “Avoid bathing (immediately after meals) as it reduces blood flow to the stomach, hindering digestion. Increased blood circulation elsewhere during a shower diverts attention from the stomach, potentially leading to digestion problems.”


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3. Drinking Water During/After Meal

Lastly, Jain advises against consuming water or any fluids during or immediately after meals. “Avoid fluids during meals or post-meals as they dilute stomach acids, potentially causing gastric issues,” she explains. Jain further elaborates in the comments, mentioning that while a small sip is permissible, excessive water consumption is not recommended. Queries about drinking buttermilk with meals were also addressed, with Jain suggesting waiting 20-30 minutes post-meal.

Additional Tips for Better Digestion:
If you’re seeking further advice to enhance digestion, the NHS (National Health Services) UK offers some helpful suggestions:
– Incorporate fiber-rich foods to prevent constipation.
– Stay adequately hydrated to aid digestion.
– Limit consumption of fatty foods for a healthier gut.
– Moderate spice intake to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.
– Identify and avoid foods that trigger digestive symptoms.

Following these recommendations may promote better digestion and alleviate gastric problems. However, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice regarding any digestive issues.

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