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Wednesday, October 20 2021

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The Kind of Ankle Braces You Can Choose in India

The ankle, like the wrist or the knee, is a relatively fragile joint or one that can be weakened. It is also a primordial articulation since it allows walking correctly. It is this which gives the possibility of flexion or extension of the foot, as well as the lateral movements of supination and pronation, or even abduction and adduction.

For all these reasons, it is necessary to take care of this joint, which will sometimes be necessary to immobilize. For this, we use ankle orthoses, either a splint or an ankle brace. Here is what you need to know about the different devices to stabilize the ankle.

The Different Types Of Splints And Ankle Braces

The stabilizing splint

It is indicated for the orthopedic and functional treatment of a sprain of moderate or severe severity. It will firmly hold an ankle with malleolar lesions, chronic laxity or even certain instability in the ligaments. This splint consists of two plastic shells covered with foam. There are different types, some with airy soft foam, and others stabilizer and refrigerant to act on edemas and pain, or still others in the honeycomb to better allow air to pass.

The Resumption of Activity Splint

It is a splint that is generally used for the resumption of a sports activity. They are designed to help maintain an ankle that is in better condition, but which had suffered a sprain and more immobilization before.

Elastic Compression Ankle Braces

For mild sprains or for ankle weakness, this ankle brace will help maintain the joint while keeping the ankle in line with the foot. There are open-foot and closed-foot models, they are put on exactly as if you were putting on a sock.

This ankle brace will protect and support the ankle against blows or trauma, and provide a heating effect that aims to reduce edema. It is possible to choose the level of contention between medium or strong. We also note that there are ankle braces in the sport range, which allow the foot to move correctly while offering a certain amount of support.

Ligament Ankle Strap

This device is used to strengthen the lateral ligaments. There are stabilization straps, which are also called rappelling straps, sometimes with foam reinforcements at the malleoli. This ankle brace is useful for mild to medium sprain. You can be prescribed this type of ankle brace for resuming a sport, since the ankle is maintained, without being completely immobilized.

Achilles tendon Protection Ankle Brace

As its name suggests, this ankle brace is designed to protect the Achilles tendon. It is a sock provided with a heel, generally made of silicone, which will absorb as much as possible the shocks of walking. The tendon is thus less under tension. It is often necessary to use a second heel on the other foot to properly balance the legs.

The Immobilization Boot

It is generally used for serious or very serious sprains, before and after an operation. It has an analgesic effect thanks to the complete immobilization of the ankle and allows a reduction of edema by means of compression that can be adjusted.

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