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Dr Thunga’s Manaswini Hospital, City’s First Psychiatric Hospital Opens

Dr.ravish Thunga And Suchitra# 001 Of 006 Thunga Manaswini Hospital June 10, 2024

Mangaluru: The first psychiatric hospital in the coastal Karnataka, Thunga’s Manaswini Hospital was inaugurated on 9 June at Arkula, Mangalore by Padma Vibhushan Dr Veerendra Heggade in a grand ceremony.


“Mental health is the basis for a healthy and prosperous community” said Dr Veerendra Heggade who opened the hospital at an eco-friendly village at the outskirts of Mangalore city.

He appreciated Dr Ravish Thunga, a prominent psychiatrist in Mangalore for making his dream project happen for the ordinary people of the region and wished him success in the mental health field.

Mukthananda Swamiji Shree Jagadguru Raghavendra Peeta blessed the psychiatric hospital and asserted that a ‘good mind’ is the seat of goodness, peace and harmony in society, and Dr Thunga has taken up this mission of promoting mental health.

“Dr Ravish Thunga and his wife, Suchitra (image above) have this vision for a healthy society by promoting ‘healthy minds’, the foundation of healthy families and a healthy community.”

U. T. Khader, speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly said there is an immense need for psychiatric hospitals in society as there are widespread cases of mental health issues in modern society, which include also fast-growing addiction to various substances.

He said he would do whatever possible to support the first mental health hospital in Mangalore, and its various ambitious projects like starting academic courses in mental health, psychiatric nursing, etc.

He congratulated Dr Thunga’s Manaswini Hospital for signing an agreement with the Latin American Caribbean Trade Council, New Delhi for sharing expertise internationally.

Dr H.V. Hande, former Health Minister of Tamil Nadu honoured Dr Ravish Thunga and Suchitra Thunga with shawls and lauded the couple for taking up this huge mission in Mangalore in the interest of the public.

Dr Mohan Alva, president of Alva’s Education Foundation said Manaswini Hospital is a need for the hour and Thunga’s family trust has taken up this great initiative to address mental health issues in the coastal Karnataka and elsewhere.

He wished the hospital to grow as an academic and research Institute to promote many more committed mental health professionals in society.

Dr Senorita Isaac, Trade Commissioner of the Latin American Caribbean Trade Council, New Delhi who signed an MoU with Thunga’s Manaswini Hospital for international collaborations said while Dr Thunga had many offers to serve in developed countries with all comforts, he opted to serve in his own home land.

“His simplicity and humble mind is an inspiration for many”, she said asserting her support in promoting more mental health professionals for the world, especially 49 countries covered under the MOU.

Dr Ravish Thunga welcomed the chief guests and the audience and explained the vision and mission of the Manaswini Hospital and its ambitious projects ahead.

He said the hospital will have 24-hour emergency services, a deaddiction and rehabilitation unit, psychiatric services as well as teaching facilities, post-graduation in psychiatry, nursing, social work and psychology.

Several dignitaries like Ramnath Rai, Vedavyas Kamath, Herekkala Hajjaba, Fr Alwyn D’Cunha took part in the ceremony.

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