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Key Symptoms & Prevention Tips for Liver Health Amid Modern Lifestyle Risks

Body Itch

The liver, located in the upper right part of our abdomen just below the ribs, is crucial for digesting food, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, regulating blood clotting, and removing toxins. As a vital and robust organ, the liver’s health is essential for overall well-being. However, modern lifestyle choices are increasingly damaging this important organ, leading to a rise in liver-related diseases and increasing the risk of liver cirrhosis. Early signs of liver problems should not be ignored. Here are some symptoms to watch for:

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Itching at Night
One of the most significant signs of liver issues is severe itching, especially at night. This itching often becomes uncontrollable, particularly affecting the feet. If you experience this symptom, consult a doctor immediately.

Other Symptoms of Liver Damage

  • Stomach Swelling:Liver disease can cause fluid accumulation in the abdomen, leading to noticeable swelling.
  • Nausea: Frequent nausea or vomiting is a sign that warrants immediate liver testing.
  • Lack of Sleep: Liver problems can disrupt your sleep patterns. Persistent insomnia should prompt a medical consultation.
  • Change in Urine Color: A change in urine color can indicate liver issues. If you notice this, seek medical advice promptly.

Preventing Liver Disease

To prevent liver disease, avoid fatty foods, alcohol, and cigarettes. Poor eating habits can contribute to liver damage, so it’s essential to maintain good hygiene, such as thoroughly washing hands before eating. Additionally, never take medication without a doctor’s recommendation.

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