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Amit Shah Refutes Claims BJP Seeks 400 Seats to Amend Constitution

Amit Shah

New Delhi:  Union Home Minister Amit Shah has refuted the Opposition’s allegations that the BJP aims to secure over 400 Lok Sabha seats to amend the Constitution. He highlighted that the BJP has had the power to amend the Constitution for the past decade but has not done so.


In an interview with ANI, Shah explained that the BJP’s goal of winning more than 400 seats is to ensure political stability in India.

“For the past 10 years, we had the mandate to alter the Constitution, yet we never did. Do you think the public will believe Rahul Baba and his associates? The country has already given us a clear mandate, and they know that despite having a sufficient majority, Modi ji never altered the Constitution,” Shah stated.

Shah emphasized that the aim to win 400 seats is to achieve various national goals, including border security, economic growth, and improved living conditions for the underprivileged. “We need 400 seats to bring political stability, protect our borders, make India the third-largest economy, and ensure clean water and healthcare for every household and senior citizen,” he added.

These remarks came in response to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s accusations that the BJP intends to dismantle the Constitution if they win the elections. Speaking at a rally in Odisha’s Balangir on May 15, Gandhi claimed, “For the first time, a political party has declared that they will destroy the Constitution if they come to power. This Constitution provides rights to the marginalized and minorities, and now BJP leaders say they will uproot it.”

Shah also pointed to the BJP’s accomplishments, such as the abrogation of Article 370 and the construction of the Ram Temple, as evidence of their commitment to their promises. “We have revoked Article 370, eliminated Triple Talaq, and started building the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. We have also brought in the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) with our mandate over the last ten years,” he said.

When questioned about the slogan ‘400 Paar’ suggesting the need for a significant change, Shah clarified that the BJP seeks to expand its influence and work, rather than needing 400 seats for any drastic steps. “There is little difference between 400 seats and 272. We are simply aiming to grow and expand the BJP’s reach,” he said.

Criticizing the historical actions of the Indira Gandhi-led Congress government, Shah remarked, “The misuse of majority power is not in our party’s history but was evident during Indira Gandhi’s era, with changes to the Constitution, extension of the Lok Sabha, the imposition of emergency, and the jailing of 1.5 lakh people for 19 months without cause. We have never misused our majority, and Rahul Baba’s claims are not taken seriously.”

Shah expressed confidence that the BJP would win the Lok Sabha elections with a full majority, emphasizing that the public supports Prime Minister Modi for forming a stable government. “The people of India have experienced the benefits of a stable government under Modi ji for two terms, and they are looking forward to a third term of stability and progress,” he concluded.

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