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Billboard Collapse at Mumbai Petrol Pump Sparks Outcry

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Mumbai: Days following a significant incident at a petrol pump in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar, where a towering billboard collapsed during a dust storm, new footage has surfaced depicting the harrowing moment of the incident. The colossal 120 ft x 120 ft hoarding collapsed onto the fuel station’s roof, trapping over a hundred individuals.


Tragically, the event has claimed the lives of sixteen people, with forty-one others sustaining severe injuries. Rescue efforts have been concluded by disaster response teams.

The recently discovered footage, captured from a passing car, depicts the surroundings as vehicles navigate through the storm. Rain pours heavily, creating streams on the road. Suddenly, attention is drawn to the left window as trucks, cars, and motorcycles gather at the petrol station, some for refueling, others seeking shelter from the rain, before the billboard dramatically collapses.

The incident and its alarming visuals have ignited public outcry over municipal oversight, particularly regarding the proximity of such a massive billboard to the coastline.

Legal action has been taken against Bhavesh Bhinde, the owner of the advertising agency responsible for the billboard’s erection, who is currently evading authorities. Bhinde, who has a lengthy criminal record including charges of rape and numerous other cases, remains at large.

In response, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has announced compensation of ₹5 lakh for the families of the deceased and pledged state support for the medical expenses of the injured.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has stated that it had not sanctioned the billboard and has been raising concerns with the relevant parties for the past two years. Subsequent to the incident, several other large billboards in the city have been dismantled.

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