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Coimbatore Doctor Dies of Electrocution While Charging Laptop


Chennai: A-32-year-old female doctor, undergoing training at the Institute of Mental Health, is suspected to have died due to electrocution in her hostel room in Ayanavaram. The unfortunate event is believed to have been caused by a faulty cable while she was charging her laptop.


The matter came to light when her husband attempted to reach her but received no response. Concerned, he dialed hostel staff, who found her unconscious in her room upon investigation prompted by his call. She was immediately rushed to to Kilpauk government hospital, doctors at the hospital dead upon arrival. An investigation is going on in this incident.

Dr. U Saranidhi, hailing from Namakkal district, had recently completed her MD in Psychiatry at Coimbatore Medical College. She resided in Coimbatore with her husband, Dr. Udhayakumar, and their young child, while Udhayakumar is a doctor at Coimbatore ESI Hospital. Saranidhi had traveled to Chennai on May 1 to partake in a 25-day training course at the Institute of Mental Health in Kilpauk.

Staying at a private hostel in Ayanavaram during her time in Chennai. The damaged laptop charging cable, suspected to be the cause.

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