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Fatal Collision in UP: Two Killed in BJP Candidate’s Convoy

Two Killed

Lucknow: Today in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda, a tragic incident claimed the lives of two individuals, one of whom was just 17 years old, when a Toyota Fortuner SUV collided with a bike. The SUV was part of the convoy associated with Karan Bhushan Singh, who is contesting for the BJP in the Kaiserganj Lok Sabha seat. Karan Bhushan Singh is the son of Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, a six-time MP and former wrestling authority figure.


Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh has previously made national headlines due to allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him by prominent wrestlers. Recently, a Delhi court proceeded with charges in this case. It’s speculated that these allegations influenced the BJP’s decision not to nominate him this time, opting instead for his son Karan, who also has a background in wrestling administration. Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh’s other son, Pratik Bhushan Singh, currently serves as an MLA from the Gonda seat.

Footage from the scene of the accident depicts the SUV, bearing the inscription “police escort” on its rear windshield, indicating its involvement in a VIP convoy. The vehicle, registered under the number UP32HW1800, is reportedly affiliated with the Nandini Nagar educational institute operated by Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh’s family.

According to the FIR, filed by complainant Chanda Begum, the incident occurred around 9 am when her 17-year-old son Rehan and 24-year-old nephew Shahzad were on a motorcycle trip to purchase medication. Tragically, the speeding SUV collided with their two-wheeler, resulting in both individuals losing their lives instantly. Additionally, a 60-year-old woman named Sita Devi sustained injuries and is currently hospitalized. The accident drew a large crowd to the site, with the victims’ families demanding justice.

The driver has been apprehended, and the SUV has been confiscated by the authorities. It remains unclear whether Karan Bhushan Singh was present in the convoy at the time of the accident. Senior police officer Radheysham Rai has confirmed that the victims’ bodies have been sent for autopsy, and investigations are ongoing.

A relative of the victims, Farman Khan, recounted arriving at the scene to find blood on the road and discovering that the youngsters had been taken to the hospital. “Local residents informed us that Karan Bhushan Singh’s convoy of 4-5 cars was passing through when the Fortuner collided with the bike. When we reached the hospital, the doctors informed us that our children had passed away. We seek justice. Our grief is immeasurable,” he stated.

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