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Fire Breaks Out in Kolkata’s Park Street District


A significant fire erupted in the bustling Park Street district of central Kolkata on Tuesday, prompting ongoing efforts to contain it. Thankfully, there have been no reported casualties thus far.


The blaze was initially detected around 10:45 am within a pub-restaurant situated in a multi-storey building at the bustling Park Street intersection. Five fire trucks promptly responded and initiated firefighting operations.

With the fire’s intensity escalating, additional fire units were dispatched to the scene. As of the latest update, a total of 15 fire trucks are engaged in efforts to fully suppress the flames.

State Fire Services Minister Sujit Bose rushed to the scene, overseeing the firefighting endeavors firsthand.

“Fortunately, there have been no casualties reported yet. Occupants of the building have been safely evacuated. Our primary focus is to completely contain the fire. Subsequently, we will investigate the cause of the fire and assess adherence to fire safety regulations,” stated Mr. Bose.

Temporary traffic restrictions in the area have resulted in congestion on nearby roads.

Insiders from the fire services department speculate that the fire likely originated from the gas cylinders used for cooking in the pub-restaurant.

“After complete extinguishment of the fire and the cooling process, forensic officers will inspect the site to determine the cause,” confirmed a department official.

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