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Food Poisoning from Biryani in Thrissur: 1 Dead, 178 Hospitalized


A tragic incident occurred in Thrissur where a local restaurant’s biryani caused 178 people to become ill and one woman to lose her life. The victims, who had symptoms like vomiting and diarrhoea, were admitted to several hospitals in the district in Kerala’s Perinjanam area. Officials from the Food Safety Department and the Health Department started inspecting the neighborhood restaurant after the outbreak.
As per a report by Times Now, the deceased, identified as 56-year-old Uzaiba from Kutilakkadav, along with two other relatives, was admitted to Thrissur Medical College with severe stomach ache and vomiting after consuming biryani. Despite receiving medical attention, she succumbed to her condition. The incident occurred after patrons of the Sain Hotel in Perinjanam consumed biryani on Saturday evening, May 25.


According to an additional report published in the Economic Times, Vineeta Mohandas, the Panchayat President, attested to the fact that sick residents of Perinjanam and Kaypamangalam were admitted to different hospitals located in Kodungallur and Iringalakuda. Following inspections that showed it was operating in an unhygienic manner, the restaurant was swiftly closed. An investigation team led by IDSP Officer Dr. Geeta and epidemiologist Kala from the District Medical Office gathered evidence from the restaurant.

Food samples were taken to determine the precise cause of the food poisoning. Preliminary findings suggest that mayonnaise served with “kuzhimanthi,” a Yemeni-inspired dish, could be the cause of food poisoning. The health department has announced that legal actions will be pursued against the hotel management once the final report is received. An official report has been filed at the Kaypamangalam Police Station and Perinjanam Panchayat. Authorities have promised strict action against the restaurant in response to this severe public health incident.

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