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FSSAI Issues Warning: Human Milk Sale and Products Banned in India


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) issued a stern warning on Friday against selling human milk and its products, noting that the commercialization of mother’s milk is not permitted in the country.

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“This office is in receipt of representations from various registered societies regarding commercialization of human milk and its products. In this regard, it may be noted that FSSAI has not permitted the processing and / or selling of human milk under FSS Act, 2006 and rules/regulations made there under,” it said in an advisory note.

All activities related to the commercialization of human milk and its products must be immediately stopped, it added.

Any violation of this directive may result in action against the food business operators (FBOs) as per the FSS Act, 2006, and its associated rules and regulations, the top food regulatory body said.


Additionally, the FSSAI requested that licensing authorities not approve any such units that deal with the sale of human milk. “The Central and State Licensing Authorities should make sure that no registration or license is given to such FBOs engaged in the processing or sale of ‘Mother’s milk/Human milk.'”

Donor human milk (DHM) cannot be used for commercial purposes as per national guidelines. Newborns and infants admitted to medical facilities that have Comprehensive Lactation Management Centers (CLMCs) must receive it.

Donating human breast milk should only be done willingly and freely, with no financial gain for the donor. According to government regulations, the donated milk is intended to be used at no cost to nurse newborns and infants of other mothers who are hospitalized.

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