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UP Teen Detained For Killing Man Who Raped, Blackmailed Him With Video


A 15-year-old boy has been arrested by the police on charges of killing a 50-year-old man who had sexually assaulted him several times in a Muzaffarnagar village. On Monday, the victim’s body was discovered at his house.


The teenager was taken into custody and placed in a juvenile facility on Saturday. Following a police complaint from the man’s family, he was charged with murder.

“Weeks ago, the deceased had sodomised the minor and recorded an obscene video clip,” said Superintendent of Police (Rural) Aditya Bansal.

He said the victim, who had repeatedly sexually harassed the boy, was blackmailing him.

“On Monday, the man forced the boy to come to his home after threatening to upload his video online. As he was being harassed, the boy picked up a sharp object lying next to him and attacked the man’s head and throat,” he said.

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