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Gujarat ATS Takes Down ISIS Terror Network, 4 Arrested


Four terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) were taken into custody by the Gujarat Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) at Ahmedabad airport on Monday afternoon.


All four of the terrorists are citizens of Sri Lanka and are known to be connected to the Islamic State. Interrogating all four terrorists is Gujarat ATS’s task.

Sources close to Times Now claim that four ISIS terrorists were dispatched from Sri Lanka to execute a significant act of terrorism within the nation. Through Chennai, all four of the terrorists traveled to Ahmedabad from Sri Lanka.

Before reaching the target location from Ahmedabad, Gujarat ATS arrested all four terrorists. Times Now sources said that all terrorists were waiting for orders from Pakistan’s handler. Sources said that weapons were also going to be delivered separately to these terrorists. ATS even recovered encrypted chats from the phones of all four terrorists. Gujarat ATS is taking all four terrorists to a secret place and an interrogation is underway. However, the reason behind their arrival at Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is yet unknown. Last year, the police arrested some ISIS suspects from Porbandar and busted the India module of IS. The arrest of four ISIS terrorists in Gujarat has come at a time when Surat Police is already investigating the Maulvi Sohail Abubakar case. Earlier, 36 schools in Ahmedabad also received bomb threats. Although no suspicious object was found in the investigation.

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