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Man Shoots DJ at Point-Blank Range for Denying Alcohol in Ranchi Bar


A horrifying video of a man shooting a local DJ in a bar in Ranchi on Sunday at around one in the morning has gone viral on social media. One of the five criminals who had entered the bar was reportedly the man who killed the DJ. All five of the criminals left the scene of the crime.


The killer can be seen in the alleged video of the incident hiding his identity by covering his face with a t-shirt and wearing shorts. The DJ is seen in the video going down after getting shot at from point-blank range.

As per reports, the shocking incident took place after a dispute broke out over not being served liquor. A group of five young men had reached the bar after closing hours and asked for alcohol. After being refused, one of them took out his rifle and fired at the DJ from point black range.

Reports suggest that the DJ, identified as Sandeep was immediately sent to a nearby hospital but the doctor declared him dead.

Currently, after visiting the crime spot early on Monday morning, the police are examining the CCTV footage to identify the shooter and his accomplices.

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