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Man Who Killed 8 Family Members In Madhya Pradesh Was Mentally Challenged


Authorities in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district are still grappling with the perplexing motive behind the tragic event where a 22-year-old man, known for his social media presence, allegedly murdered eight members of his family before taking his own life, officials reported on Thursday.

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Initial investigations suggest that Dinesh Saryam, the individual believed to be responsible for the gruesome act, was dealing with significant mental health issues, as stated by a senior police official.

Saryam, who recently got married on May 21, reportedly wielded an axe to fatally assault eight members of his extended family, including his newlywed wife, at Bodal Kachhar village during the early hours of Wednesday.

According to officials, Saryam’s mental state had deteriorated during his time working in Hoshangabad district. His family intervened by arranging treatment and arranging his marriage, but his condition continued to worsen.

His elder sister, Asha Bai, recounted a noticeable change in his demeanor post-marriage, describing him as visibly disturbed. Despite his penchant for creating social media reels, he notably refrained from capturing any moments during his wedding celebrations.


Following the tragic events, Saryam proceeded to the residence of his paternal uncle, where he attempted to harm a 10-year-old boy. Fortunately, the child managed to raise an alarm, prompting Saryam’s escape. The child sustained serious injuries but survived.

Subsequently, a mass burial was conducted for all the victims in their village, with senior officials in attendance, confirmed Superintendent of Police Manish Khatri.

In response to the devastating incident, Chief Minister Mohan Yadav dispatched State Public Health Engineering Department Minister Sampatia Uikey to offer support to the grieving family. Additionally, financial aid of ₹10 lakh was pledged for the bereaved family and ₹5 lakh for the medical treatment of the injured boy.

The Chief Minister has ordered a comprehensive investigation into the matter to ascertain all relevant details surrounding the tragedy, according to official sources.

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