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Mobile Phone Use at Petrol Pump Triggers Explosion; Horrific Video Emerges

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In a horrific incident, a man narrowly escaped death when his bike exploded while he was refueling at a petrol station. The explosion occurred after the man received a phone call while filling up his vehicle. Video footage shows that as the man was refueling, the fuel tank exploded, engulfing the bike in flames. Despite sustaining minor burns, the victim survived the ordeal. Station attendants quickly intervened and extinguished the blaze, and no casualties were reported.



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There’s a widespread belief that electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones can potentially ignite petrol vapor directly or induce currents in nearby metal objects, leading to sparks and subsequent explosions. These electromagnetic waves, crucial for communication between phones and towers, carry considerable energy, prompting concerns about their potential hazards.

Although the chances of a normally functioning smartphone battery causing an explosion are slim, a defective battery could pose a risk. However, the likelihood of encountering a phone with such a defect remains minimal. Explosions at petrol stations can also stem from issues like fuel leakage from the hose pipe rather than solely from the fuel or the fuel tank itself. While using a phone at a fuel station may not directly trigger a fire, it’s still advisable to refrain from phone use while refueling for safety reasons.

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