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Narendra Modi Denies Allegations of Targeting Muslims in Speech

Photo Credit: File Photo

New Delhi: In a media interview with News18 on Tuesday, May 14, Prime Minister Narendra Modi refuted claims of singling out Muslims in his recent speech where he allegedly suggested that Muslims would receive India’s wealth if the Congress party came to power. Despite videos circulating online clearly showing Modi referring to Muslims as infiltrators and individuals with too many children, the Prime Minister denied ever mentioning Muslims on stage.


During the interview with Rubika Liyaquat, when questioned about his use of terms like ‘infiltrators’ and ‘people who have too many kids’ in reference to Muslims, Modi responded with an affected melodramatic tone, expressing shock and denying any targeting of Muslims. He asserted that poverty, not religion, was the main focus of his remarks, stating that impoverished families, regardless of their community, faced challenges in educating their children.

When pressed further about the distinction between his mention of Muslims and individuals with many children, Modi claimed he never specified any particular religious group, emphasizing the importance of responsible family planning for all. He declared his commitment to avoiding divisive rhetoric based on religion, stating that engaging in Hindu-Muslim discourse would disqualify him from public life.

The interview comes amid controversy over Modi’s remarks, which have sparked debate and criticism regarding their alleged communal undertones.