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PM Modi To Meditate At Same Spot As Swami Vivekananda In Kanniyakumari

Pm Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after an extensive campaign across the nation for the Lok Sabha, is scheduled to arrive at the renowned Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Tamil Nadu’s Kanniyakumari district on May 30 for a period of spiritual retreat.


During his visit, the 73-year-old Prime Minister will engage in a 24-hour meditation session at the memorial, following the footsteps of Swami Vivekananda, who also meditated at this historic site.

Nestled near the monolithic statue of Tamil saint Tiruvalluvar amidst the sea off the coast of Kanniyakumari, the picturesque Vivekananda Rock Memorial is at the southernmost tip of the country. Prime Minister Modi, seeking his third term, is expected to arrive on Thursday evening and may depart for Delhi on June 1.

The extensive Lok Sabha elections, conducted over seven phases, are set to conclude on June 1, with the counting of votes scheduled for June 4.

In a reminiscent gesture ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Modi, adorned in saffron attire, was captured meditating in a sacred cave near Kedarnath.

Reflecting on the political landscape, PM Modi stated in an interview earlier this month: “Hamara palda bahut bhari hai usme mujhe kuch kehne ki jaroorat nahi hai. Hamara palda bhaari hai, har koi jaanta hai (The scales are heavily tilted in our favour. I don’t have to say anything about that. We have the upper hand. And everyone knows it).”

Meanwhile, the Congress, grappling with electoral setbacks and numerous defections, remains a part of the opposition coalition INDIA, challenging the BJP.

Prime Minister Modi has entrusted his ministers with formulating an action plan for the initial 100 days of his new government.

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