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Pune Party Scene Dries Up After Porsche Tragedy, Entrepreneur Shares Video


Pune’s vibrant nightlife scene has taken a dramatic turn following the horrific Porsche incident. Once known for its pulsating clubs and lively brunches, the city’s nightspots are facing a deserted reality due to stricter enforcement of the legal drinking age.


The incident, where a 17-year-old driver under the influence of alcohol rammed his luxury car into two software engineers, sparked outrage and forced a hard look at lax regulations. Previously, the legal drinking age of 25 in Maharashtra was often overlooked. However, the severity of the Porsche case has prompted pubs and clubs to prioritize safety and legal compliance.

Entrepreneur Chirag Barjatya, a Pune resident and fitness influencer, shared a video highlighting the deserted dancefloors of several pubs after the incident. He pointed out that the primary demographic for these establishments – high school and college students – are now being denied entry.

This stricter enforcement has left some patrons frustrated. Comments on Barjatya’s video confirm the increased scrutiny at entry points. A popular club in the city is reportedly turning away anyone below 25 years old.

While some welcome the stricter measures, others express skepticism about their longevity. Concerns linger that the heightened vigilance might just be a temporary response to the public outcry, fading away after a few weeks.


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