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Ram Charan’s Pithapuram Visit Turns Chaotic: Fans Mob Actor

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Tollywood actor Ram Charan, who has massive fan followings in Andhra Pradesh, encountered an unpleasant situation during his visit to Pithapuram to seek blessings from Lord Kukkteshwara and Goddess Puruhitka Devi in the Kakinada district.


According to Pinkvilla, the RRR star was also in town recently to campaign for his uncle and Jana Sena Party leader Pawan Kalyan.

According to the reports, Ram Charan visited Pithapuram with his mother, wife, and other family members to seek blessings from Lord Kukkuteswara before campaigning for Pawan Kalyan, who is contesting from the Pithapuram Assembly constituency. However, chaos erupted as fans mobbed the actor while leaving the Kukkuteswara temple.

The fans surrounded him and attempted to grab hold of him, reminiscent of his iconic introduction sequence from RRR. The viral video sparked debate over the price of stardom, with netizens praising Ram Charan’s composure in the face of adversity. Despite the scorching Andhra Pradesh heat, he remained unfazed.

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