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Tourist from Kerala Dies in Goa Lightning Strike


A tragic incident occurred at Miramar beach in Goa, where a 35-year-old tourist from Kerala, identified as Akhil Vijayan, lost his life due to a lightning strike. The event took place when Vijayan, accompanied by a group of seven to eight individuals, hurriedly made their way back to their car to seek shelter from the rain. Unfortunately, lightning struck suddenly, leaving Vijayan, his wife, and a male companion unconscious, as reported by the Times of India.


Witnesses recounted the harrowing experience as the group rushed to leave the beach amidst worsening weather conditions, speaking to The Goan. Although Vijayan’s wife and friend regained consciousness soon after, Vijayan remained unresponsive. Police suspected a heart attack and promptly transported him to GMC hospital for treatment. Despite efforts by medical professionals, Vijayan was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Postmortem examination revealed that Vijayan succumbed to “electrocution and blast injuries consistent with lightning strike,” according to police statements reported by Herald Goa. Vijayan, a resident of Ernakulam in Kerala, had arrived in Goa on May 13 with his friends and checked into Circuit House in Altinho. The unfortunate incident occurred during their visit to Miramar Beach on May 14.

The body was subsequently handed over to Vijayan’s family members, who transported it to Kerala. He leaves behind his wife and two daughters, as noted by Herald Goa. Miramar Beach, situated near the capital city of Panaji, attracts numerous tourists and locals alike.

Tragically, the incident in Goa was not an isolated one, as reports emerged of at least 11 individuals losing their lives due to lightning strikes in various locations across the Malda district of West Bengal on the same afternoon.

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