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Woman Allegedly Kills Daughter, Walks 4km Before Alerting Police


Napgur, Maharashtra: According to officials, a woman reportedly killed her three-year-old daughter following an altercation with her husband in Nagpur city, Maharashtra. After the incident, she walked for approximately 4 km before reporting it to the authorities.


The tragic event unfolded on Monday evening within the jurisdiction of the MIDC police station. The accused, Twinkle Raut, 23, and her husband Rama Laxman Raut, 24, had relocated to Nagpur four years ago in pursuit of employment opportunities.

Both were employed at a paper products company and resided within the firm’s premises on Hingna Road in the MIDC area. Sources suggest that their relationship was marred by frequent disputes arising from mutual distrust.

On Monday around 4 pm, another altercation erupted between the couple. Amidst the heated exchange, their daughter began crying. Allegedly, in a fit of anger, the woman took the child outside and purportedly ended her life under a nearby tree.

Subsequently, she walked for nearly four kilometers with the deceased child. Around 8 pm, she encountered a police patrol vehicle and disclosed the distressing incident to the security personnel.

Upon receiving the information, the police promptly transported the child to a hospital where medical professionals pronounced her deceased.

Following investigations, the MIDC police arrested the woman and pressed charges against her under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code for murder.




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