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Seven Accused Face Charges of Feticide After Woman’s Demise

Feticide (2)

Bagalkot: An FIR has been registered against seven individuals at the Mahalingpur police station in Rabkavi-Banahatti taluk, following a tragic incident involving feticide and the subsequent death of a woman in the district. The deceased, Sonali Kadam, succumbed to complications from a miscarriage.


The FIR names Sanjay Gowli, Sangita Sanjaya Gowli, Vijaya Sanjaya Gowli from Dudgaon, Maharashtra; Dr. Maruti Babaso Khirat from Kuppawada village in Miraj taluk; Dr. Kotwale from Athani in Sangli taluk; Kavita Channappa Badannavar from Mahalingapur; and a doctor from Jaisingpur in Miraj taluk.

Kavita, the sixth accused in the case, had worked in a private hospital for several years. She is accused of forcibly aborting the fetus, leading to the death of 33-year-old Sonali, who hailed from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Sonali, already a mother of two daughters, underwent a scan at a private hospital in Miraj, which revealed that she was carrying a female fetus.

When it was discovered that Sonali was four months pregnant with a girl, she was brought to Kavita in Mahalingapur by a broker named Maruti and her relative Vijay on May 27. The abortion performed by Kavita resulted in heavy bleeding, and Sonali soon lost consciousness.

Despite Kavita administering a IV drips and assuring that everything would be fine, Sonali died in the car while being transported back. The case came to light when Maharashtra Police checked the car at the border, uncovering the tragic situation.

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