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Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences to Open Mother’s Milk Bank


Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS) in Belagavi is set to inaugurate a mother’s milk bank within its premises to address the shortage of mother’s milk for newborns. Scheduled to be officially inaugurated in two weeks, the initiative aims to collect milk from healthy mothers, process it, and store it in the milk bank for distribution to babies in need.


Expanding Access to Vital Nutrition

This forthcoming milk bank in Belagavi will be the second of its kind in Karnataka, following the initiation of a government-run mother’s milk bank at a hospital in Bengaluru. Recognizing the crucial role of mother’s milk in providing essential nutrition and disease prevention for newborns, the establishment of this milk bank is a proactive step towards addressing maternal milk inadequacy and its impact on child development.

Efforts to Combat Shortages

Ashok Kumar Shetty, Director of BIMS, highlighted the significance of the milk bank in addressing malnutrition and illness among children. The infrastructure for the milk bank, including essential equipment like milkshake machines, deep freezers, refrigerators, laminar flow cabinets, pasteurizers, and hot air ovens, has been arranged near the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at BIMS. The milk bank is expected to commence operations in the first or second week of June, following the conclusion of the election code of conduct.

Operational Protocol

The milk bank will follow established procedures for the collection, processing, and distribution of donated breast milk. Medical staff at BIMS will oversee the pasteurization process, ensuring the even distribution of nutrients in the milk collected from 3-5 voluntary donors. The milk will be administered to infants without familial support, premature babies, and those whose mothers are deceased. Donor mothers will undergo necessary tests to ensure the absence of infections, and their voluntary consent will be obtained prior to milk collection.

Encouraging Community Participation

Healthy, hospitalized mothers will be encouraged to donate milk voluntarily, contributing to the sustainability of the milk bank. The initiative aims to engage a diverse range of donors, including bereaved mothers, working mothers, and those with excess milk production, to meet the growing demand for donor milk among newborns in need.

As BIMS prepares to launch its mother’s milk bank, it underscores the commitment of healthcare professionals to ensuring the well-being of newborns through access to vital nutrition and care.

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