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Communal Clashes Erupt in Belagavi Over ‘Galli Cricket’ Dispute

Communal Clashes Erupt In Belagavi Over 'galli Cricket' Dispute

Late Thursday evening witnessed group clashes in the communally sensitive Alwan Galli area of Shahapur suburb in Belagavi. The confrontation arose from a trivial squabble between two groups playing ‘galli cricket’, escalating into verbal altercations and eventually stone pelting.


Escalation of Tensions

The conflict erupted after a cricket ball accidentally struck a person during a game in the lane, leading to heated exchanges and the hurling of stones. As a result, two individuals sustained severe injuries.

Police Intervention

Law enforcement officers swiftly responded to the scene to quell the disturbance and restore order. Efforts are underway to pacify the situation, with crowds gathering in front of the Shahapur police station.

Action to be Taken

Police Commissioner Iada Martin Marbaniang affirmed that the clashes stemmed from a petty issue and emphasized that necessary action would be taken based on CCTV footage to hold those responsible accountable.

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