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Rescue Team in Place After Torrential Rains in Belagavi

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Following many days of intense rain, the Belagavi City Corporation quickly organized four specialist rescue helpline teams to manage relief efforts in the wake of the terrible devastation. The creation of these teams was announced by Municipal Commissioner P. N. Lokesh, who made sure that a specific Disaster Response Team was available in each of the city’s four divisional offices.


In case of storm-related situations, each team, consisting of 11 individuals including a commander, will be in charge of promptly responding in their individual subdivisions. The following are the team leaders:

Sachin Kamble is the North Sub-Division 1 contact (8867295104)

Ankit, North Sub-Division 2 (phone: 8892580045)

Parshuram is the first South Sub-Division; 9538477634

Kiran Mantrikeri, South Sub-Division 2 (phone: 9449731560)

These teams consist of bill collectors, health inspectors, revenue inspectors, environmental engineers, and junior engineers from the construction department. Team members are required by the Commissioner’s direction to react right away to any reported damage or emergencies brought on by inclement weather.

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