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12-Year-Old Killed by Brother in Anakal Over Online Gaming Dispute

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Anakal, Bengaluru: A heartbreaking incident unfolded in the Anakal area of Bangalore city on Wednesday, culminating in the tragic death of a 12-year-old boy at the hands of his 18-year-old brother. The accused was arrested by the Sarjapur police on Saturday in connection with the murder case.


The victim, resided with his family in a shed belonging to Neriga Manjunath in Sarjapur. The accused had been living there for the past three months with his family, having migrated from Sulikeri village, Mantralaya taluk, Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, for plaster work.

According to reports, a dispute erupted between the two brothers over losses incurred in mobile online gaming. The disagreement escalated into a heated argument, ultimately resulting in a fatal altercation within the confines of the Nilgiri grove. Tragically, the minor boy lost his life in the altercation, allegedly struck on the head with a hammer by his own brother.

Upon returning home, the accused attempted to conceal his involvement in the incident. However, the truth soon came to light, leading to his arrest by the Sarjapur police.


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