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Bangalore Next in Line to Receive Hoax Bomb Threats

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An email containing a ‘hoax’ bomb threat was sent to at least eight Bengaluru schools on Tuesday. This occurs two days after St. Philomena, a well-known hospital chain in Bengaluru, received a bomb threat early on Sunday. Eventually, the Bengaluru police discovered that the threat was a hoax.


Over the past few days, a number of schools in the Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, and Lucknow areas have received bomb threats.

Several schools, including Bengaluru Scottish School, Bhavan Bangalore School, Jain Heritage School, Deeksha High School, Edify Schools, Chitrakoota School, Gangothri International Public School, and Giridhanva School, were the targets of the malicious email sent from the ‘’ domain. This email address is registered with an end-to-end encrypted provider situated in Nicosia, Cyprus, according to the Deccan Herald.

According to news agency PTI, 48 private schools received bomb threats from the same email, which alarmed both pupils and school administrators.

“Virtual Private Network (VPN) and proxy servers were used to send hoax threats when the email IDs were observed (in previous instances),” Bengaluru Police Commissioner Dayananda stated on Tuesday at a news briefing.

The email said, “I have placed explosive devices inside of your building,” according to an Indian Express article. In the next few hours, they will blow up.

This is not a threat; you have a few hours to defuse the device or you will be held accountable for the deaths of the building’s innocent occupants. The “Court” is the organization responsible for this slaughter.

On Tuesday morning, a number of school administrators read the email and notified the police. After no bombs were discovered on the campuses, the police quickly began an investigation and, a few hours later, proclaimed the email to be a hoax.