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Bengaluru Teen Arrested for Fatal Gaming Clash

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Bengaluru: In Bengaluru, a teenager was apprehended on Saturday for the tragic demise of his younger brother, allegedly triggered by the latter’s excessive gaming habits. The arrested individual, identified as Shivakumar, resides in Neriga village near Anekal town, situated on the outskirts of Bengaluru.


Shivakumar admitted to the Sarjapura police that he fatally struck his 15-year-old brother, Pranesh, reportedly frustrated by Pranesh’s persistent use of his mobile phone for gaming purposes.

The police investigation revealed that Pranesh, a seventh-grade student, went missing on Wednesday after stepping out for a brief break. Subsequently, his lifeless body was discovered. Initially, Shivakumar misled his parents, claiming someone else had committed the crime and he had merely stumbled upon the body.

Upon receiving a complaint, the Sarjapura police launched an inquiry and noticed inconsistencies in Shivakumar’s statements, leading to his apprehension. During interrogation, Shivakumar confessed to the heinous act, admitting to striking his brother with a hammer on his head and abdomen.

CCTV footage corroborated Shivakumar’s involvement, capturing him with the hammer. The family, originally from Andhra Pradesh, had recently relocated to Karnataka for employment purposes. Pranesh had been visiting them for the summer holidays, having been left with his grandmother in Andhra Pradesh. Shivakumar, a dropout from school, had accompanied his parents to Karnataka for work.

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